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January 13, 2013

Oldies but goldies 4


at the border between

pleasure and pain

lies naked

the body of the

purple maiden who arose

free from the madness

of silence

thus she spoke

reaching for the sheets

laid for her

by the thoughtful mother

“I’ll never be clean again!

my body carries

the burden of the beast

that put its claws on it

my heart is heavy

with the dust

that fell out from among

his teeth”


the magicians let by

the glimpse between her thighs

fell asleep inside their minds

and the girl could see

through their brains

as if rolling her palm

all over the erect cock

of their destruction


she stained their shirts

and drove away


January 13, 2013

Oldies but goldies 3

Rape of lust


in the back seat of a



played naked on the

middle-table in the park

The crawling of the rusty toad

within the damaged brain

of the old man

They all come back to me

with disrespectful energy of words

Abandoned inside

some insane mind

the thought of running through

the wet mourning grass

is now erecting

like some mad flower

Rebirth and recreation

Collision and breakdown

Prison and bedroom

Redemption and lust

Does anyone remember

the breaking of dawn

Do you recall the

scream inside your heart

I doubt the existence of God

as much as I pray down on my knees

in from of her amazement

I wish I dreamt the brooks

that run down from your spine

while putting out my cigarette

onto his words

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eu; ginduri; ploaie; vint; primavara

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eu; ginduri; ploaie; vint; primavara

eu; ginduri; ploaie; vint; primavara

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