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December 18, 2012


I sliced her hair

in tiny pieces of yesterday and dreams

I put her big brown eyes on a tray of illusions,

of dust and despair

I slit her thigh uncovering the 7 years of lust

I smiled at her and everything turned blue;


there is no understanding behind the weird messages I send

there is no goal in wanting you to come over

there’s no happy ending to this insane story

there’s just thighs and hands and breasts and smiles

there’s just delusion and madness

there’s just want

and over all of these –

there’s you

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E toamnă ...

Bunele Maniere

arta de a trai cu eleganta


Life... as I know it!

Sweet Escape

"People are more what they hide than what they show"

Mirela Pete. Blog

eu; ginduri; ploaie; vint; primavara


- oamenii care visează sunt suflete prețioase -


eu; ginduri; ploaie; vint; primavara

Ring of Gyges

lumea mea

Loc de dat cu capu'

sau cum să te fereşti de invizibil

Cătălin Ionescu

Nu deschide gura decât dacă vorbele tale sunt mai frumoase decât liniștea.


Yet she likes complications. She wishes she could turn and say: "I like people who unbalance me.”


in extaz de la extrem la extrem


eu; ginduri; ploaie; vint; primavara

eu; ginduri; ploaie; vint; primavara

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