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June 5, 2013


From behind those dark eyes,

Exuding raw sexuality and torn up dreams,

Unsaid pain and lustful illusions – you

Smile at me, crooked white teeth and need for love.

You tell me things no one has ever said to me before

And act all casual and cool, as if in no way my

Presence ever changed your next thought.

Terrified and in need, I barely dare to look you in the eye

And keep fixating on your lips while you talk

As once I read that turns all women on.


I can’t help but notice the feeling of guilt, sensually

Encircling itself around my memories of the 7

Years of lust, while I clumsily try and reach for your hand.

You push me away, show me whiteness again, in a

Blissful smile that turns my world upside down once again.


I remember your eyes, I grin at the image of your hands,

Stuck deep in my mind; I wish I could rewind the years and

Meet you again, with clearer thoughts and less desperate desire.


The lust for life that he once sang about suddenly gets a new meaning.

I never understood your signs, but I can hardly keep myself

From throwing you down on the crisp sheets and loving

Every little inch of skin, soft cover over your deranged self.

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